Premier Elite League Carnival Weekend 2008

Premier Elite League Carnival Weekend 2008

After a gruelling season of League Play, the second weekend in November saw the top six Elite Teams come together for the first time to do battle in the Premier Elite Finals Carnival. This $25,000.00 Tournament did not disappoint, with the Singles Championship being held on the Friday night, seeing some classic match play with veteran Chris Tedbury taking out the Championship and that Chick Kerry de Pradines coming in 2nd, Keith Cater 3rd & Michael Sammut 4th. Saturday & Sunday saw the Teams play off with every team playing each other in a round robin format. Teams accumulated points over the duration of the weekend and after each player had played 72 frames of pool there was a clear team of Champions. Congratulations to the Razzlers who took out the 2008 Premier Elite Championship convincingly, a well deserved win to a very committed team, who’s players travelled from Perth & beyond every week of the season to secure their spot in the finals. Second this year went to the Miss Q’s home grown team and a huge crowd favourite, the Money Shots. This team deserves great recognition for their efforts as the majority of the Money Shots were first time Elite Players & their Captain Damien Baldock was a first time Captain. The Money Shots took out Think Pot who finished third, also a great team made up of some of Peel Pool’s A grade Players and the only team to make finals captained by a Lady, the gorgeous Naomi Wightman. 4th place went to Fire & Ice Captained by long time member Gary Kalbus, 5th to the all impressive team of Miss Q’s juniors the Midget  Assassins who turned the heads of many adult pool players and scared the life out of most of them, hehehe… And finally the 6th place was taken by the B & D’s half boys & half girls also Captained by a first timer Mark Windsor.

The mighty Razzlers secured their trip to New Zealand and in 2009 we wish them all the best in their endeavours to reclaim the Premier/NZ Challenge trophy the Kiwis have kept since 2002.

The 2008 Premier Elite Season was by far the most exciting and well supported that WA had seen & the 2009 Season promises to be bigger & better again with three Elite nights available & an increased prize fund of $33,500.00. Whilst the Summer Elite seasons have only just begun teams are already talking about who’s playing with

who in the 2009 Season that commences in the first week of April.

I would like to congratulate every Elite player on the 2008 campaign especially the Champions of the event, enjoy the read on the following pages of the top six teams 2008 Elite Experience. Catch you all on the tables. Kez.

The Razzlers 2008 Premier Elite Champions

Hey everyone!  Michael Sammut here, captain of the Razzlers for winter Elite.  What a season this has been for us! It started by me telling all of our

L-R: 2008 Premier Elite Champions – Team Razzlers - Levi Congdon, Haylie Bryant, Colin Fender, Captain Michael Sammut, Dan Rucci, Manual Sammut & Simon Gray

team members that

it only went for 10 weeks.  That was hard enough for me to convince a team of 6 players to travel all the way from Perth every Thursday to play pool in a league they knew nothing about.  We all came down to Miss Q’s on the first night and that was the first time we all heard that it actually went for 29 weeks plus finals.  I think a few of the players wanted to kill me but I had to convince the team that it was worth it and we had a good chance of winning!

Over the 29 weeks a lot of the players in our team who didn’t really know each other to begin with, became really good friends so there was a transition of 6 pool players to one team!  We all got to know each others abilities and were able to work with each other to be as strong as we could for finals.

We got to know a lot of the regulars at Mandurah and we had come up against some very good match play.  Everything happened on the table from 1 minute pot outs to 30 minute games of chess.  I am sure there was a lot learnt not only for us but for a lot of our opponents.  Over the next few years a lot of the players from other teams are going to develop into some seriously competitive opponents and I hope to see some of you at the state trials in Perth!

Throughout the season we were all very positive and thought we could take it out, and when it came to finals we were all playing at our best.  We had a very advantageous draw during the weekend carnival where we were able to build up enough of a lead on the Saturday to be able to work out what we needed to do on the Sunday to win the league.  It would have been one of the most enduring match’s of pool that we have done, starting at midday til 10 – 11pm at night…it really takes it out of you! By the end of the weekend we were all exhausted, and I think we were happy that it was over (didn’t have to drive home from Mandurah at midnight any more) and to win the 2008 Premier Elite Carnival we were all over the moon!  I would like to thank my team for all the effort that they have put in over the past 30 or so weeks and together we made it over the line!  Our next challenge is to try to get the trophy back from the Kiwis onto our home turf!

I would like to say thankyou to Miss Q’s as well as Premier Elite Pool Leagues for the opportunity that we have been given.

The Money Shots 2008 Premier Elite Runners Up

L-R: 2008 Elite Runners Up – Team Money Shots - Adam Skipper, Shannon Ellis, Damien Stenhouse, Captain Damien Baldock, Peter Christie & Matt Smith.

Two thousand and eight might have been the year of the dog somewhere but when I put a  team called the Money Shots together I wasn’t expecting to finish second. Behind the Money Shots where a bunch of Aussie blokes that bonded over 2007/2008 and became one of Miss Q’s most popular teams in the 2008 Elite season. We started off with a few training sessions and a lot of drinks…. And I mean a lot of drinks. Our first game was against the more challenging team of think pot (third place) and with a close game with the Shots coming out victories we kicked off the season nicely. After 27 long hard weeks playing some of Mandurah’s best players we sat second on the league table of Thursday night elite. We played Think pot in the final with the winner playing the Razzlers in the grand final we let ourselves down with a 17 to 9 shock loss. But we took our money and went to smithy’s to get blind and not see we did.. we kept our hope up and our spirits with a lot more alcohol and when the carnival came around we where mostly hung over but that help me (Bulldog) and Shandy Ellis. We stated off with the Midgets then Think pot and last but not least the B and D’s after the first day I was very close to the top of the singles ladder and the team sitting third and we were trying to chase down the pots in second. We had a few players in average form and Toothy in shocking form but to his credit when we needed a player to stand up and take some game we had him taking 10 against Fire and Ice. With the crowd getting behind the Shots and Pete Raines the biggest (I should know) and loudest mouth there the Shots came home strong with our favorite chant “COME ON THE RAZZLERS.. BACK” lol only joking we were trying to stop them cheering for their team and it worked. We couldn’t beat the Razzlers for first they were way to strong for my first year team but we weren’t giving up for second. We kicked home taking some games off the Razzlers with my last two games securing the Money Shots for second spot in the overall tally. The Money Shots had some highs and some lows but in the end we came out a second placed team out of the 19 strong teams. We had a great year and even if we didn’t come second the Money Shots and I had a fun filled year and we will be back next year to facial every team possible. Captain – Bulldog

Think Pot 2008 Premier Elite Runners Third Place

L-R: 2008 Elite 3rd Place – Team Think Pot - Gary Wightman, Keith Carter, Captain Naomi Wightman, Sean Forman, Tim Elwin & Chris Tedbury

Winter Elite was an awesome experience for me. I got to be Captain to a fantastic team and I learnt a lot about the game. Congrats to Chris Tedbury who finished on top of the singles ladder for the season and for ultimately winning the Elite Singles Championship. It was awesome playing on a fantastic team in a great League. Unfortunately we were beaten in the Grand Final, but we had a great night trying, with the Grand Final finishing just after 1am. Congrats to the Razzlers who’s only loss was to us early in the season. Best of luck to Michael & his team as the take on N.Z.

Captain – Naomi Whightman

Fire & Ice Premier Elite Runners Forth Place

L-R: 2008 Elite 4th Place – Team Fire & Ice - Ash Cotgrave, Rod Gilles, Ronnie Old, Captain Gary Kalbus, John Belcher & Shayne Old.

Well another season has come and gone. We started off with a bang, team wise, and then like a lot of other teams the wheels started to fall off. People who made the commitment and then did not follow through but we finally managed to get our act together and had an enjoyable time. The challenges we had from the other teams involved made us work for every frame that was won. Most players played the game in the right spirit and we had a lot of fun. Unfortunately a small minority were out to win at all costs but it still did not dampen the enjoyment we had. Feel that most of us improved our skills by playing at this level and developed a respect for the other players. All in all it was a very enjoyable competition and carnival, and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everybody who was involved, from the players to the organisers, for a very enjoyable season. So hone your cues and good luck for next year. Captain – Gary Kalbus.

Midget Assassins 2008 Premier Elite Runners Fifth Place

I wanna be a Midget when I grow up!

Premier Elite Winter Season 2008, add a bunch of newbie kids, teach them some rules, give them cue, a little coaching & let them loose on a field of unsuspecting seasoned leaguies. “The (My) Midget Assassins” as their name suggests, small & dangerous, unlike their aspirations. As the season progressed so did their ability and soon found them sitting comfortably near the top of the ladder.

L-R: 2008 Elite 5th Place Team Midget Assassins - Jack Mash, Eddie Jenkins, Shane Vaaelua, Captain Aaron Goodridge, Ben Jenkins & Stewart Lambert.

The team was made of eight boys Kyle Van Zon (captain) Eddy Jenkins, Ben Jenkins, Jack Marsh, Stewie (princess) Lambert, Shane Vaaelua, Logan Van Zon, Mikey Read & occasionally their coach. Week by week they played the field winning some rounds and losing others only to come back the next week stronger than ever before. In the last round of the season with 9 weeks to play they still held a high spot on the ladder & were 4th when finals came around and starting to be perceived as real threat to the cash pool Hmmm Assassins indeed J. Come first round finals the team had suffered some losses to the side and only Eddy, Ben, Jack, Stewie, Shane & Logan remained

, none the less they played some of the most amazing pressure pool I think I will ever see, the atmosphere was awesome! The crowd showed up in impressive numbers to chant “C’MON THE MIDGETS”, and help the assassins across the line frame after intense frame and all the way to third place in Sunday Elite finals and more importantly into the Elite Carnival to play for the trip to New Zealand. So finally the Midgets got the chance to play the other half of Elite and play them they did. Day 1 of the carnival was a grueling day of play for the midgets drawing all 3 Thursday teams straight up. (Ouch!) My “Assassins” although a bit nervous didn’t let me down, they did superbly and surprised everyone they came up against in a variety of ways and from all accounts impressed their opposition as much as they impressed me. Day 2 saw a few more wins and a few less nerves with some

familiar foes the “B&D’s” & “Fire & Ice” and at the end of play the “Midget Assassins” placed 5th out of 6 teams in the carnival making them 5th out of  the 19 elite teams that played in the ‘08’ season.

Just want to say in closing, that this was an amazing experience for me. Every week I got a buzz out of being able to present this group of “Tiny Giants” to play against everyone that took part in Elite this year, a big thank you to everyone who was their opposition for being so good as to take them under your wings. Another big thanks to the parents, for your ongoing support and graciousness. And finally a massive thanks to the Midgets for your efforts, spirit and tenaciousness I’ve enjoyed every minute of this season thank you. Stay with the game you’ll go far. Captain – Az

B & D’s 2008 Premier Elite Runners Sixth Place

Once upon a time there was a bunch of leftovers in the fridge of life. They had a weird and slightly twisted idea of forming a Sunday Elite Pool League team, and in an interesting twist of fate it freakin worked!!

After a butt load of effort getting a “stable” team together and making sure everyone qualified for finals, we were set to rock Sunday nights, and we did! We finished 2nd on the ladder. Finals night arrived and after an ass whooping by fire and ice in the preliminary round we had to assassinate the midgets then put out the fire and melt the ice to come thru and take out the Grand Final!

L-R: 2008 Elite 6th Place - Bradd Warr, Andria Turner, Captain Mark Winsor, Tammy Doney & Emma Turner

Bring on the carnival! The leftovers were then reheated, but as usual the money shots made a substantial withdrawal and left us with half a team. But like reheated leftovers we repeated and repeated and eventually were eaten up and well you know the rest!!

Captain – Mark Winsor

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