Carnival Weekend 2010



Elite Carnival 2010

It all started in April 2010 when 30 teams of pool players formed 3 Elite Leagues & launched into weekly 8 Ball match play to see which six teams would qualify to play in the grand finale ‘Carnival Weekend’ and split the $25,000,00 prize fund. The six finalists earned their spots & first pay packets through the League night finals held in October, Sunday Gold League produced Team B.O.F.U.C.S as Champs & Scott’s Assassins as Runners Up, these two teams joined forces to take up one of the Carnival spots. Monday Gold League produced Team Straight Stix as Champs, Kidney Punch as Runners Up & On Like Kong in third, filling three more Carnival spots. Finally the Thursday Gold League produced Team Shlong Dongers as Champs & The Underdogs + Rosa as the Runners Up filling the final two positions.

Second weekend in November saw the 2010 Premier Elite Singles Championship a double elimination knockout competition held as the first part  of the Carnival, on Friday night. It was a very close tournament with me (Kez), just snatching victory from a worthy opponent, Jarrad Page. Bright & early Saturday morning saw round one of the team finals and with two more rounds played that day, the half way scores stood like this: B.O.F.U.C. Assassins in 1st, Shlong Dongers 2nd, Underdogs + Rosa 3rd,  Kidney Punch 4th, Straight Stix 5th & On Like Kong 6th. Colin Fender was Leading the Singles stakes. Back for the final rounds of the Carnival  & round two of cash payouts, Sunday saw a nail biting finish between the top three teams with the eventual scores looking like this: B.O.F.U.C. Assassins in 1st with 252 Points, The Shlong Dongers 2nd on 227, The Underdogs + Rosa 3rd on 224, Kidney Punch 4th on 138, On Like Kong 5th on 114 & Straight Stix  6th on 112.

A massive congratulations to Colin Fender, Barry Brownrigg, Scotty Brownrigg, Evan Briggs, Kevin Sexton & Peter Christie of team B.O.F.U.C. Assassins on taking top Prize becoming the 2010 Premier Elite Team Champions. Colin Fender also won Player of the Carnival finishing on 49 of a possible 60 wins a massive effort. Scottie Brownrigg was voted best and fairest player of the Carnival a well deserved win. And a big congrats to me the 2010 Premier Elite Singles Champion & Jarrad Page the Singles Runner Up.Elite Carnival Singles Champ & Runner Up

This rounds up the 8th successful season of Premier Elite League and special thanks must go to Peter Worth & the crew for their ongoing support of the Elite League since its inception in 2002, our competition is what it is thanks to your support. Also a big thanks to the player base that make this one of the best competions in WA Cue Sports, see their stories & pics on the following pages.


2010 Elite Champs,  B.O.F.U.C. Assassins:

The Season: Scott’s Assassins (Barry Brownrigg ~Captain, Scott Brownrigg, Evan Briggs). Their season started slowly with a loss. However this team quickly rose to the top of the ladder and never relinquished the position. Barry and Scott had been mentored by Evan, and all three improved a lot over the season.

BOFUCs (Colin Fender ~Captain, Kevin Sexton, Peter Christie). Early blow to team with loss of Rocky. Kevin joined and the team never looked back. Clinching second spot with a massive victory in the last round of the regular season.

The Finals: Due to some unfortunate timing Barry would be unable to attend the finals day. Thanks to some insight from Aaron and Dan, Kerry was able to devise the fairest possible solution to suit all teams concerned. After wins in the semi-finals, the final was eventually decided by a sudden death play off, being won by the BOFUCs.

Carnival Weekend: These teams combined to be considered a major contender to take out the carnival. However with this in mind, after two days of intense competition it came down to the last round, with 3 teams in contention for the top spot (each having 1 loss so far). For us the math was simple: Keep the opposition down to 16 frames or less and we cannot be beaten. The team rallied and we managed a 62-10 victory to ensure the number 1 position. I would like too thank the team for their efforts on the weekend they played well as a team and came home strong in the end.

Experience: I have been apart of the elite league for a number of years now, been to Melbourne, Adelaide an finally New Zealand. This year in my mind was the closest competition wise to date. The vibe at the beginning of the final round was very intense. As a competitor it improves your skills as a pool player ten fold, by the amount of competition and being put in a position of where every game is as valuable to the team as the last. I would highly recommend that anyone should give it a go. We enjoyed the competition, making new friends and making a few $$$ as well. Big thanks to Kerry and her staff for a stellar season and carnival weekend. – Colin Fender Player of the CarnivalColin Fender Elite Carnival Player of the Carnival


The Shlong Dongers: Well now the Shlong Dongers have been going on for a few years now and have never finished outside the top two, would this season be different???

Basically started with most of last years team, Sasha, Shutts, Jabba and myself then just adding Kerry Buckley and most of all Clif my rock in the team haha. Its was a tough season I have to admit, and to the teams credit they stood up when it counted, by getting over the line in the Thursday night Elite by winning in a sudden death playoff in the semis and good ol‘ Shutts winning the final frame in the final to take the grand final match 19 – 17. Everyone that played that night should be proud by the quality of games that were played in all teams.

So that put us into carnival and for a few it was the first time, but it was the same for many other teams. So our aim was to win the carnival we started with the underdogs and we took 35 frames to their 37 frames, then from there we played two undermanned teams so we got the easy frames to take us to the end of the day into 2nd place. The next day we had the Assasins and we had to beat them by a bit to have a chance to take 1st . We scored 39 to assasins 33 so we still had work to do with the Underdogs right behind us. In the end we got 2nd holding off the Underdogs and falling short of 1st by 25 frames.

It was a really good carnival we had lots of fun as a team and playing as one. There was lots of good match play and hope were all there doing it again next year, well played all! See you all next year! – Pagey – GO THE SHLONG DONGERS!!! – Jarrad Page.


The Underdogs + Rosa:

Well this season was the first season off elite for about half the team. It was also the first time any of us had really played on the same team together. During the regular season we had a ball playing together and played very consistently, making it straight through to the grand final and went down by only a few frames. We had made it to carnival weekend but and this is the goal for any team so we were stoked. This achievement would not have been possible without the help of our subs. Carnival weekend came along fast and we managed to get third place it was a close fight between the top three sides which always makes for a good comp. Can’t wait for next season to come and play with the same team with a few new players. Thanks to all who played with and supported us through the season.


Kidney Punch: Wow. A whole winter season has flown by – and you know what they say. Time flies when you are having fun. And what a fun season it was. I was charged with the task of filling a team with newbies and coaching and captaining them throughout the league. Being the first time I’ve officially been captain – I was a bit dubious to see how I would go.

What I did learn as a captain, is that you need to be part accountant, part trainer, and part party animal. Its hard to juggle fees, coaching, focusing on my own games, whilst at the same time making sure everyone is enjoying themselves!! The latter was never a problem, the team that I managed to conjure up had the best time throughout the season, coming to pool in dress up and being able to laugh at ourselves (and mainly me). The one thing that I am truly proud of my team for is their ability to enjoy themselves and give it their all – a true testament  to them given how we ended up overall, coming runners up on the Monday night and 4th in carnival!! Even against the top teams from Thursday and Sunday, the kidney punch gave 100% for their games – and we kept in good spirits and good sportsmanship alike. Special mention goes to Christine ‘chuckles’ – being the only girl on this team of misfits she did cop a fair whack of  flack from the boys – as well as being horribly ‘punked’ in our quarter finals match against the Stenny Specials. Thanks to Christine for not taking it to heart – you will be terribly missed by all of us on the team, as well as your friends at Miss Q’s.Kidney Punch Elite Carnival Teams Fourth

Thanks again for kidney punch – you guys (and girl) have made this Monday night season the best I’ve been in; and absolute hoot to captain!! – Rob Stewart


On Like Kong: What a great team we turned out to be after being put together one week before the season started. We really enjoyed playing on Monday nights and over the 27 weeks you could see how every player on all 14 teams improved their skills. After a long battle we finished 3rd in the finals which gave us a spot in the Carnival weekend. We had an interesting weekend, losing some of our team members because of work and other commitments, including partners in labour!, but overall we came 5th. A ‘BIG’ Thank you to our subs, Kez and Shane for being there to help us throughout the season, we couldn’t have done it without you guys.

What did these guys think of our winter season and carnival experience?

“I had a great season and enjoyed it a lot, also we had the best captain in the world.” —Shane Baron. “It was a great season, had lots of fun with the team On Like Kong and would recommend it to anyone.”— Dwayne Goddard. “Hi my name is Reece Hills. I was given the opportunity to play on one of the leading teams as one of their players could no longer make it. We grew as a team and progressed through the season fighting for a top position. After carnival weekend was all over we placed 5th. It was a great experience and I hope next season goes as well as this one did.” “It was a well rounded competition and was very challenging whilst being fun at the same time. While I was playing other top players, my pool playing game became quite good and I’m still increasing and sharpening my skills as an 8 ball player. GO THE KONG!! “ – Colin Bailey.

It was a fantastic weekend, great games and sportsmanship. A big thanks to Kez for providing this great opportunity for these teams at the end of winter season. Cheers, Ma/Andrea Turner, Kong Captain.


The Straight Stix: Hi pool friends, a short report on winter elite 8 ball league, my first season in elite, and an eventful one at that. Led by our glorious captain Jabba for the league season we struggled pretty much all matches with four or five players, and yet amazingly held third place most of the season (thanks Jarrad W). A great time had by all in the team, both educational and rewarding. Onto team finals bloody hell! We won it, god knows how, sheer determination I think, but what a result, thanks guys.

That result qualified us for carnival weekend, where to start?, 10.30 Sat morning 2 players accosted from singles finals, and still only a four man team, me, now promoted to captain cos Jabba did so well with the Shlongers, the day started a bit soured (reasons most know).

But hey lets get on with it, 2 days intense competition, new people met new skills learned and ending with us finishing bottom of the ladder by two points, a great effort I guess we were pretty stoked. a great weekend with some good friends ( I hope ) and great sportsmanship with no primadonas. signing of with a special thanks to Phil, Jarrad N, and of course Az.  Thanks to all who played their socks off, the staff at Miss Q’s for being there, and of course the main sponsors, a good time had by all. Once again thanks Jabba for getting us there.

2010 Premier Elite Carnival 8 Ball Team Champions

The B.O.F.U.C. Assassins

L-R: Evan Briggs, Scott Brownrigg, Capt. Barry Brownrigg, Capt. Colin Fender, Kevin Sexton & Peter Christie.


2010 Premier Elite Carnival 8 Ball Runners Up – The Shlong Dongers

L-R: Jarrod Ward, Sasha Fenwick, Clif Risk,

Captain Jarrad Page, Michael Shuttleworth & Kerry Buckley


2010 Premier Elite League 8 Ball Third Place – The Underdogs + Rosa

L-R: Steven Cook, Shane Vaaelua, Malo Vaaelua, Damien Stenhouse, Capt. Joe Dack & Rosa Chour, (Missing Warren Shaw)


2010 Premier Elite Carnival 8 Ball Fourth Place – Kidney Punch

L-R: Tim Stewart, Christeen Bradey, Gordyn Payne, Capt. Rob Stewart, Eliot Aloysuis & Brant Forward (Missing Ian Payne)


2010 Premier Elite Carnival 8 Ball Fifth Place – On Like KongOn Like Kong Elite Carnival Teams Fifth

L-R: ReeceHills, Colin Bailey, Kerry de Pradines, Capt. Andrea Turner, Shane Baron & Dwayne Goddard. (Missing, Tim Nicholls & Robyn Kuther)


2010 Premier Elite 8 Ball Carnival Sixth Place –

The Straight Stix

L-R: Jarrod Nagtegaal, Capt. Andy Swann

& Aaron Goodridge (Missing Phil Tuckfield)



Colin Fender Player of the Carnival

Scott Brownrigg, Best & Fairest Player

L-R: 2010 Singles Champ Kerry de Pradines with Runner Up Jarrad Page





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