Carnival Weekend 2009 Teams

The Neil Barton’s 2009

The Neil Barton’s what can you say, they didn’t decide to put a team in until about a week before the season started.  Then there was controversy over a couple of their players in other teams and pulled out to go to the Neil Barton’s.  A strong team with four state players and three of them have played for Australia.  Ben Vidot, Luke Carter, Thomas Warren and Darren Morris.  But by the middle of the season two of them had pulled out,  (Thomas and Darren)  Leaving us with no reserves which would hurt the team towards the end of the season loosing three matches, unable to field a full team.  The boys stood tall through the finals going through undefeated.  Even though there was some close matches.  We hope this team is strong enough to make Miss Q’s proud in New Zealand and bring home the cup. Regards, The Neil Barton’s. Luke Carter (Caption), Neil Barton (Vice Caption) Ben Vidot, Ben Dougherty, Wayne Carter and Colin Stables.

Razzlers 2009 Elite Carnival

The 2009 Winter Premier Elite Competition this year was a very good competition.  We were defending the title as the 2008 winners but we knew from the start that it was going to be a lot tougher this year.  All of the competitors from the previous year was there but they all had improved which brings the standard of the competition up to a whole new level.  This i think had a lot to do with the Premier All Stars Coaching that is going on through Miss Q’s and you can see that there is a lot more strategy and thought going into the games.

The winners of this years competition – The Neil Barton’s really did deserve it.  For the whole competition they remained on top and they really showed what they could do.  We tried to keep the pressure on but it just wasn’t enough.

Being a Perth team it is hard to come down every week to Mandurah but we through we’d give it another shot.  I’d like to thank Miss Qs for holding the competition and to Kerry for the smooth seamless running of the competition, and always having freshly brushed and ironed tables.  Congratulations to all of the players in the tournament as you all played well and have improved noticeably each time we come up against you.  Best of luck to The Neil Barton’s in New Zealand! Michael Sammut – Razzlers Team Captain.

Money Shots – 2009 Elite Carnival

Hey, in the 2009 winter Premier Elite Carnival we finished 3rd overall and all of my players stood up and played to there best of their ability , we faced awesome opposition from the Neil Barton’s and the Razzlers and just missed out on second, but our team had a awesome time and there was plenty of laughs between us for the weekend and some very good frames of pool played , we were tired and ready for nana naps by Sunday arvo after carnival finished after 2 days of solid play, I would like to thank my boys, Bulldog, Evo, KC, Dafatman and Gilligan on frames well played and a dam good time for the weekend.

Peter Raines

Shlong Dongers 2009 Elite Carnival

It had been a long time coming but after 27 weeks plus finals the Carnival weekend was here.  The Shlong Dongers were fresh from there Wednesday win ready to take on the big boys, well the Sunday group.  Our team first of all faced the Razzlers one of the pretty pink teams LOL.  They gave us a good fight unfortunately we lost but none the less had a good and fun round.  I was happy I took a frame of the lovely Simon (ha-ha).  Our next 2 round saw us facing the Blazing Mongolians + Rosa and Pool Something Elite from our Wednesday night.  They were good and close matches.  The next day we took on the Money Shots.  After that we just had the Neil Barton’s and what fun and exciting matches, there was plenty of laugher and disbelieve well mainly Luke getting beaten by Kelsey.  Congrats to the Neil Barton’s you played the best through out the whole season and whole deserve to take the trophy of the New Zealanders. Good Luck. Sasha Fenwick and Jarrad Page from the Shlong Dongers

Blazing Mongolians + Rosa 2009

Hi my name is Rosa Chour and I am the Capitan of The Blazing Mongolians + Rosa. After an interesting turn of events, my team made it to the Elite carnival weekend. The Carnival weekend was a tough yet exciting event, there were great matches that took place and my team of midgets did fairly well, and we were grateful to have made it this fare in the competition. The weekend was a test of endurance and skill, and it also showed the abilities of players playing under pressure. There were some fierce competition and I have to say that, I myself didn’t do so well against certain teams, although not winning many games I think my team mates learned a few things from the top players in the competition if not I know I did. The weekend took place over 2 days, the first day each team had to play 3 rounds (3 other teams) of matches and each match had 72 frames, the same thing took play on the second day but only 2 rounds had to be played. The winning team was decided on the highest points accumulated over the weekend, and that team would be the team that wins the trip to New Zealand. After all the rounds were played the winning team was The Neil Barton’s which I have to say is an excellent team. After the games we had presentation and medals were handed out to each team, then we had food which wrapped up an exciting weekend of pool. I will also like to mention that Eddie Jenkins on my team turned 18 yrs old on the Sunday of carnival and had his first drink at Miss Q’s, then became the regular piss head at Miss Q’s LOL. Well that concludes my baffle, from the Capitan of The Blazing Mongolians + Rosa I wish all the best to The Neil Barton’s and all the future Elite Teams that makes it to Carnival, peace out!!!

Pool Something Elite 2009 Elite Carnival

When “Pool Something Elite”, was made for the pure purpose of friendships reformed, and the reason of getting back into pool for fun with old friends, we never thought we’d gain so much experience through the other teams from the Elite Season. Most of the players in our team were shy and didn’t know how to take the scary task of meeting the other teams and there players, but what started off being a task, end up being smooth sailing and something everyone in our team looked forward to every week.

We were more shocked about the players and how quick there games started improving. Some players went from not knowing any of the rules, one round, to seven-balling us, in the next round.

Carnival Weekend was so much fun. We were over the moon that we got a chance to play against people who play the sport on a professional level and have experience in past elite seasons. Even though we were a player down, pretty much all weekend, we still gave it our fighting best and brought our A game to the tables. After we finished our game’s against the more experience teams, they helped us out by giving us helpful advice for situations that we thought were tough and weren’t sure what to do. All and all, we all had a blast through the 2009 Elite Season and have said we can’t wait to enter in the 2010 season 🙂

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